Share The Love Event

2016 Brunswick Subaru Share the Love Event

Brunswick Subaru is pleased to announce the kickoff of Subaru's 2016 if share the love event. We have 2 local charities participating in this year's event. Back for the third year is feeding Medina County and new this year is Akron Children's Hospital. Subaru will donate $250 for every vehicle sold from November 17, 2016 to January 3, 2017. On December 10th 2016 Medina dance house had a live performance at our Brunswick Subaru dealership for our fill the Subaru Outback campaign.

Check presentation to Akron Children's Hospital

Check presentation to Feeding Medina County


Representatives of both the Feeding Medina County and Akron children's hospital gave participants information on how their organizations give back to the communities. Both charities showed their enthusiasm and where grateful to be selected as participants in this year's Subaru share the love event. With the opening of our new dealership this year Brunswick Subaru looks forward to another great event.



Brunswick Subaru Presents Check to Feeding Medina County

FMC Board members Don Miksch and Matt Marquard, Subaru District Sales Manager Scott Howard, FMC Board members
Lucy Sondles and Brian Williams, FMC Executive Director Sandy Hinkle, Brunswick Subaru Sales Managers Mike LaGuardia,
Jason Ryan and General Manager Charlie Dodds.

FMC Executive Director Sandy Hinkle
holding a cardboard replica of the check for $45,830
presented to FMC by Brunswick Subaru.

April 25 was a very exciting day for Feeding Medina County. For the third year in a row, Brunswick Subaru chose FMC to be the recipient of its 2015-2016 Share the Love Campaign. At a gathering in the showroom of the dealership, Sales Manager Mike LaGuardia presented a $45,830 check to FMC Executive Director Sandy Hinkle.

Hinkle said, "The impact that these dollars will have on being able to continue our work for the food insecure of Medina County is beyond comprehension. We couldn't do what we do without donations like this. I am so very grateful to Brunswick Subaru owners Gary Geoff and Bryan Panteck, Sales Manager Mike LaGuardia, General Manager Charlie Dodds, the Brunswick Subaru Sales team, and to Subaru of America for choosing Feeding Medina County as the recipient of the Share the Love Campaign."

Hinkle said every week FMC packs almost 800 Weekender Bags for Children with enough food to get them through the weekend. This outreach alone costs $100,000 a year. Monthly, FMC provides almost 400 senior citizens with meat, produce, fruit, and shelf stable food to help them to eat more nutritiously, and help them not have to choose between buying food or medicine.

FMC also provides food distributions to almost 10,000 families yearly and transports huge quantities of food to other pantries across the county.
The Share the Love program, which ran this year from November 19, 2015 - January 2, 2016, takes place at more than 600 Subaru retailers nationwide. It was originally established by Subaru of America, Inc. as a way to bring Subaru owners together to make a difference in the community while showcasing Subaru's vehicles. Subaru of America, Inc. donates $250 for every new Subaru vehicle sold or leased during the time period.

Subaru's "Hometown Charity" program, created in 2013, allows each retailer to select a local charity within its community to be added to the above list of organizations that customers can select to receive a donation. In the past three years, Brunswick Subaru has donated $100,000 to Feeding Medina County.

Sales Manager Mike LaGuardia said he was motivated to add FMC as their local choice customers could select from when he read about how much Feeding Medina County does for food insecure children and the elderly. He said it feels good to give back to the local community.

Subaru District Sales Manager Scott Howard said, "At Subaru, we give back not because it's good for business, but because it's the right thing to do. At the end of this year's program, Subaru will have donated since its inception more than $65 million to causes that we care about."

2014 Share the Love Event check presentation

Feeding Medina County Executive Director Sandy Hinkle, center, is all smiles as she accepts a check for more than $40,000 from the Brunswick Subaru.

Brunswick Subaru "Shares the Love" with $40,960 donation to Feeding Medina County

BRUNSWICK - When the managers of the Brunswick Auto Mart Subaru dealership handed her a check for nearly $41,000 this week, the only thought on Sandy Hinkle's mind was the thousands of schoolchildren across Medina County who face every day never knowing when their next meal might come.

"Not only is this going to help us by more food for these children, it's going to help us buy more nutritious food," said Hinkle, the executive director of Feeding Medina County.

As part of Subaru's seventh annual "Share the Love" event, Brunswick Subaru donated $40,960 to Feeding Medina County March 19. That amount was more than double the car dealership was able to raise for the organization through the same program in 2014.

As part of the Share the Love program, the company has donated more than $50 million to nonprofit organizations nationwide over the past seven years. As part of the event, which takes place during the last two months of the year, Subaru donates $250 for every new Subaru vehicle that is sold or leased.

According to Mike LaGuardia, Brunswick Subaru sales manager, customers who purchased or leased a vehicle between Nov. 20, 2014 and Jan. 2, 2015 were able to select from one of five charities to receive that donation. In addition to four national charities, customers also have the option to support a local charity, which in Brunswick Subaru's case, has been Feeding Medina County for the past two years.

Between increased sales and a push from local sales representatives urging customers to choose Feeding Medina County, LaGuardia said Brunswick Subaru was able to top last years donation of $15,833.

"This is a chance for us to give back to the community we serve and help support a very worthwhile organization," LaGuardia said.

From Hinckle's perspective, the donation is a "Godsend."

"For many Medina County children, when they head home from school this weekend, there's a good chance their next meal won't come until lunchtime on Monday once they are back at school," she said. "Donations such as these give us the chance to make sure that they don't go hungry over the weekend."

With the additional funds from Brunswick Subaru, Hinckle said she's optimistic that Feeding Medina County will be able to do just that.

"This kind of donation definitely gives us the opportunity to do a lot more than we're doing right now," she said.

By MELISSA MARTIN Brunswick Post editor

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